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Linda Ohlson Graham is a fine photographer and ecstatic poet who has sailed
thousands of miles … including the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central and South America.
She also lived in (1984-93) and co-directed (1984-96) the J.M.W. Turner Museum in Denver, CO.
Her photography and spiritual writing portray the richness of her life's experience.

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What's on this page reflects only a small fraction** of her (and God's)
-HOW to create Global Peace and calm our Earth's weather patterns -Poetry- and -Writing- that's been written :

-c- -Heaven and Paradise series photos by LOG-
-Photo of Linda by Cape Cod artist Sky Power-

Has the time arrived when Humanity is able to digest the phenomenal REALity
of just how simple it could be to shift the Earth's vibration?

Here … now … it's our choice … how exactly life unfolds …
The entire Planet could REALize … WE create thE essence of our joy.

Because we've diverged from our center ... we are heading towards Hell.

Nature is an open book to Enlightenment ... our process is to learn and read it.

Shifting erratic Global weather patterns are trying to make us REALize ...
seeds for growth and change are planted in the future.

Crisis can bring about an evolutionary leap.

There are laws of manifestation ...
We -in fact- are co-creators and can more fully actualize our experience.

What I believe >could be 'A Formula for WORLD PEACE' -follows-* ...
is repeated at the bottom of this page ...
and is said another way on the -Home page- of this web site.

* Please hold the thought with me that Peace on Earth and calmer weather patterns can easily happen ...
in a moment or two of silence in ENOUGH of thE -collective mind-.

(And what -I believe- could be THE way to -END- Global Warming:)

As Mankind calms his 'nature' ... Mother will be pleased.

Notes taken during a Zen master's talk ...
interspersed with my own writing:

© Linda Ohlson Graham September 11th, 1997

Life is here Life is now
Do it …
Be it …
Wisdom softening
In our presence ...
What is it we need to hold up to face the World?
Who am I expecting myself to be?
We are so blessed by the presence of presence.

Time to trust more ...
Sense of space which will allow clarity.
Make contact. Be OK with who we are.
Center ourselves. Make connection. Find the space
that has clarity and openness.
Reach a place of settled-ness and centeredness.
Remember to connect ... to open ...
Have a way to support ourselves to remember who we are.
Our capacity is to bring forth a sense of connectedness.
Learn how to make that contact … Explore how to do that.
Deepen our sense of being … Soften the face … Open the Heart ...
Learn to trust ...
Start to see the face I bring to everything in the World.

Look at it ...
If it has anxiety ... depression ... if it has inadequacies that need to be covered up ...
SEE ... who is this person ?
These questions are like jewels that we have to savor.
Everything is an answer relating to how we relate to the World.

Sit on a spacecraft ... read poetry ...
Then try to bring that home to places of intensity
and potency and expression of my existence.
Buddhism suggests: Start off where it's easy ...
Notice the obvious mystery of being alive ...
Carry it forward … Start to see:

Remember 1) that we do it our way 2) then we have to find a way.
Find out what touches our Heart … Then: look at the teachings ...
They offer us a map.

Every spiritual discipline offers us compassion, patience, etc.
Spirituality transcends the tradition … It goes underneath it.
Then ask the way to bring spirituality … compassion … etc. into my life.
When we see where we're separate ... that's our Path.
When we see our yearning: 'If only' ... etc.
The spiritual Path asks us to make this amazing turn around.

Look at : 'What is the source of this discomfort?'.

If we're angry, greedy, etc. ... It's a start to actually seeing.
Have compassion for ourselves.
In the Zen path we develop the capacity to notice 3 qualities:
1) Attention 2) Attention 3) Attention
Honesty facilitates attention … humility contributes.
Be candidly honest with ourselves.

'The Dark Night of the Soul' … What does that mean?
In Zen ... sit there … be with it. Stay open to what's going on.
In the craft of meditation it's OK to experiment.
Ask: In what way does the breath facilitate this opening?
Allow the struggle to be turned into acceptance.

The World has not abandoned us ... it is also the source of our joy.
We have to experience it by ourselves to trust it completely ...
Allow myself to trust ! which has to be earned !
Discover that experience and deepen it right down into our bones.
Each person must find their Path and explore it for themselves ...
What supports us ? What will guide us ? What will inspire us ?
Be willing to have a more honest radical perspective of our lives.
Greet it with an open hand ...
Allow them to become our allies instead of our enemies.

Can you imagine what it must be like for a dying person to REALize
how there's no turning back ?
Can we be satisfied by the softness of the sheets ?
Have the blessing of meeting each such experience.
Let it be a clue.

Keep our Heart open … We will see there are teachers everywhere.
The World guides us.
The contact we're making with our experience
is where we'll start to see our authentic face.
We don't have one single face that faces our World or our lives ...
The occasions when things drop away are real.

Turn towards our ordinariness ...
Have honesty and acknowledge these moments ...
It's OK to put ourselves in situations where there's growth.


in to
and accept
our divinity.
and calm
our hearts
and minds …
I feel THE Peace
will come.

Notes from my journal immediately following minor brain surgery

Visualize being on a spaceship walking into infinity ...

Energetic Truth is the deep Truth within us.
Let go of all things that want to die ...
Have an appetite for the -Death dance of the blood- .

Dark night of the Soul is a place of transformation.

Silence is a way to move towards essence.

Love is not something that we do … it is like the breath.

Peace will come and with it many reflections of the Light.

To be deep is ultimate surrender.

Live in the confluency of life.

The whole of Heaven can be contained in each one of us … in every act we do.
The sweetness of the Kingdom of Heaven visits each one of us.

The function of a human being is to take things that are intrinsically beautiful and turn them into Heaven.

Immortality is that we become a memory in The Thought of God.

When one becomes closer to being a mystic … one lives meaning behind and lives more in the moment.
A mystic lives in the interiority of life.

We are each cells in God's body.

Worship illuminates destiny.

We are all facets of the diamond which is God … each of us reflecting Light in our own way.

Swim and dance in the Beauty of life.

Thank YOU for lifting the veil from the Earth's eyes.

Have curious inquisitiveness for life.

Every time a cell becomes more awakened within us … God becomes fuller.

Crisis can bring about a evolutionary leap.

Noosphere: (a word Teillhard de Chardin created … ) the thinking envelope that surrounds the Planet Earth.
Inseminate the noosphere with prayer.

Invite each cell of our bodies to become luminous with Light.

Human beings are holograms of the Universe.

Participate in our experience and experience our participation.

The nature of the Universe is the inter-connectedness of ALL.

We are creatures of the gleam of radiance.

Look to experience outrageous joy.

The friction of our entanglements with others produces growth.

Open our Hearts to see what precious things move out of it.

God doesn't give us the answers to prayer … He gives us the capacity to find the answers.

Air flows thru me ... Light flows thru me ... I am joy.

Return to the vitality of life by listening.

I decided to live and drink the waters of life.

There's an enormous inner revolution that's going on in the minds of men.

Commitment to other people is an outgrowth of commitment to ourselves.

We have to let go of our limiting belief structures.


Linn asked me 'What are these things growing from your shoulders … Are they wings or sails?' My reply: 'Both'.

There's alot of Light and attraction when we're focused in our Heart center.
When we're Light … it's like being a magnet for the good.

Life's experience can be so rich … It can give us orgasmic joy.

We can't afford the luxury of a negative thought.

There are laws of manifestation ... we in fact are co-creators and can more fully actualize our experience.

As we diverge from our Center ... we are heading towards Hell.

The place where we live in the fullness of life is the place where we want to share everything in .

The first step in making a change is being conscious.

As I become more aware of my judgements ... the freer I become.

I want to maintain my ability to discern.

I am warm … I am alive … I am full of life.

Impressions of Douglass and Isis
loving flowing ... growing with me ... the energy that is within.
Forms ... soft impressions.
Gentleness is their place for me ... Heartfelt love and laughter ...
Complete with love and laughter.
Growing in Harmony.
Blessing me ...

At some point I have to stop admiring my life from a distance.

Move towards clarity of Love and Light.

There's an embryonic raw place that needs to be nurtured and loved.

The Lights of minds evolving illuminate the goal ... opening Hearts and Love to be discovered.

In the middle of the core of the pain of my being is where the healing has to start.

Every chance we have ... be aligned ... embraced with joy and Light.

The first place in making a change is being conscious.

Thank You Mother Earth
for allowing us to touch your Mother's spirit with the blood of brothers and family everywhere.

The mountains are still oceans ... they have no shame.
Fully exposed ... weathered for years ... able to stand tall and proud.

Accept the quiet ... Go into it and flow.

The mesa in my Heart is on another Planet.

Experience the energy in my mind moving like a quiet sea.

The quickening is ever so gentle.

Ah-h-h the clouds … Beauty and blue ... surrounding every aspect of being.

Ugly in nature is impossible ... my Heart tells me so.
I see no darkness even in a storm or in an eruption of the Earth.

As Mankind calms his 'nature' ... Mother will be pleased.

Nature is an open book to Enlightenment ... Our process is to learn and read it.

Ugly only makes us REALize seeds for growth and change are planted in the future.

Being twisted can give things new strength ... new growth.

Food to nourish the Heart and mind comes from within.

In stating anything
come from a place of neutrality without focus on the outcome ...
constantly be ever present ...
lift at all times ...

When we say -but- we negate everything we-ve said to that point.

It-s OK to allow our emotions to surface ...
Thank them.
Love them before they pass on.
Allow them and their energy to move on. ...

Move beyond anything you-ve ever dreamed that you could do.

Let go of attachment to anyone anything any situation any outcome ...
Centered in the Heart is PEACE ...
Let it be my one goal.

Come the quickening ...
Find your Home here.
We LOVE what YOU are offering.
You and I are One.

I am newborn naked energy … ready to move more fully into THE light.

When we say -No- … the God says -Go to HELL.- .

Wisdom in the World is known as -Practice- -Practice- -Practice- .

If we come into situations believing … expecting the Highest level ...
That's what we-ll get in return.

Often a High state of co-operation is getting out of the way.

Present our thoughts totally in a loving consciousness ...
Do for others without any thought of ourselves.

Live off LOVE ...
It sustains.

Also from my - Notes from my journal IMMEDIATELY following brain surgery - ... tho found at a later date:

The Path can be arduous and labrynthic … tho we must find refuge in a materialistic vacuous World.

**Linda has written 20,000 + 'day-timer pages' ...
as well as -hundreds- of both hand written and -entered- 8 1/2 x 11 pages ...
about the -collective consciousness- on our Planet >'lifting' ...
and about HOW -Heaven- >could be experienced globally ... -HERE- and -NOW-.

(An -echo from this site's -Home- page:) Linda hopes that thE writing that she has done ...
and has been written thru her ...
will soon contribute to Creation-wide Peace and calmer Earth's weather patterns.

If you are inclined to ... please share as globally as possible:
this site's web address: and the address of Linda's other site ...
which has similar tho different information:
-ty- ad infinitum -ty- ...

Please hold the thought with me ...
that Peace on Earth and calmer weather patterns CAN easily happen ...
in a moment or two of silence in enough of the collective mind.

Thank you for visiting my website ...

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