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Linda Ohlson Graham is a fine photographer and ecstatic poet who has sailed
thousands of miles … including the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central and South America.
She also lived in (1984-93) and co-directed (1984-96) the J.M.W. Turner Museum in Denver, CO.
Her photography and spiritual writing portray the richness of her life's experience.

All poems © Linda Ohlson Graham

4-13-2016 ... A '-Holy- for me' morning ... 10:19am I've just -Written-:

I jumped from Creation's edges
and Mindfully calmly landed.

Written/scribed during the fall of 2011 ... off the coast of NJ ...
as Linda was sailing so. to the Bahamas on a 42' junk rigged schooner.

The qualitative Mindfulness we: collectively ...
as a race of people ... are able to experience ...
could IN FACT propel -us- into ...
an ~Age~ of LIGHT and BEAUTY. ...

The following poems were written while Linda lived in Sarasota, FL. (2001-2006)

Destination: Peace on Earth

There could be someone
On the bow of our boat …

Our boat is our Planet : Earth.

The landfall that is being pursued: Peace.

Planet Earth appears to be going thru Hell.
War … destruction … poverty … starvation … terrorist attacks …
only begin the list of horror.

Is it time to enter thE next thousand year cycle …
an 'Age' foretold
with Peace … and LIGHT … and beauty?


ThE Key
(April 2003)

If someone had thE key to Peace on Earth and -THE WAY- to calm thE Earth's weather patterns …
Would you listen?
Would you heed what they told you?

It's springtime …
I'd like to plant 100 seeds in minds that bask in brilliance.


Heaven is a breath away
It's this close:
Look … I'm breathing.

Consciousness can be multiplied
By Mankind watching breathing.
What a concept!

An even larger concept:
Breathe in thru the crown
(the top of one's head)
Out thru the navel.
Hence: HEAVEN.

Could it be that simple?


from creation
breathe peace and joy and balance.

They are
what REAL-ity is made of.
Humanity chooses.

Breathing :
How conscious we are in each moment
(of our breath …
as it enters and exits our body)
determines our experience.

Letting go of thinking …
with very little effort
is an essential component.

We … as a 'collected' race of people
could enter what's called 'Heaven'.


We simply need to 'choose' it.

A friend named Barb read the above poem and responded:
Oh, thank you Linda.
I just read your poem and realized that I was breathing....
what a wonderful start to my day.

I Have a Vision

'I have a vision for Humanity that could lead to GLOBAL PEACE '*
and calmer weather patterns
be heard thE same way
'I have a dream'

* May billions
be touched
by these words.


Paix pour tout le monde

- - - - -
My apologies that my French was not very good:
this poem was -a homework assignment-
for a poetry group (that I was a part of) in Sarasota, FL. ...
- - - - -

Ah … well
Bon jour Mesdames et messieurs … compagnon poetes

En Francais
Un poeme
Ecrit de ma plume
Va etre
Le meme chose
Un poeme

Pour tout au monde
Et les vies tres simple
Pour nous atteindre


(These next two were written several years ago …)

All the Beings

All the beings of all the Worlds are watching now
So desirous of our upliftment …
Praying to Mankind to hear the calls.
They've been in a steady stream
Beaming to our Heart's desires
Caressing what we say we want.
We could see the end continuum as clearly as they do …
Rising in the bluest skies …
Fully in our Heart for LOVE …
Being one with God.

The Earth is Flying Now

The Earth is flying now.
Time span meaning has new dimension.
Space before us beckons.
Higher REALms are ours.

READY … JUMP. (my parachuting command 1978)

2 additional Sarasota poems:

My mother was an angel

My mother was an angel
With wings of grace and beauty …
Tolerance and strength
Gentleness and kindness
Wisdom and humor
'Care packages for years'
were some of her attributes.
She allowed me to be my own person …
and didn't judge me …
'I've taught you the difference between right and wrong …
you have to make your own decisions.'
gave me freedom I took advantage of.
When I reflect
on dynamics
of someone
supported me
loved me
gave me GREATEST joy …
laughed with so hard I had to pull the car off the road …

Even encouraged me to travel with a gentle man
who was Wild and Crazy
who I then sailed
thousands of miles with …

I breathe
gratitude .


Lover of Beauty
Lover of nature
Exquisite creator
Artistic contributor
Wall St. executive
Heir of royalty and aristocracy
Stepson of a world leader
Father divine

My life
has been
in ways I never dreamt of.

I was
housemate of JMW Turner
co-director of 'one of the 99 'finest museums in America'
co-producer of a classical concert series
with symphony and chamber orchestra musicians
a houseguest of the Duchess of Westminster
a European traveler … I beheld the Mona Lisa.

My life
has been
in ways
I never
dreamed of.


Stillness ... Canaan, NY 1978

I don't know if what I feel will continue ...
There is a new ~sort~
of stillness ... within me.

79: Departure ... :
written on a bus ... as I was leaving Provincetown for -2- weeks ...
I stayed in CO 17 years: -14- in Denver ... -3- in Boulder. ...

The sun shone pink ... sky: ... blue ...
thE ocean calm.
A -snowflake- glistens ...
and sharply softens what -thought- I see ...

Now ... distance matters not.

To close … a poem Linda wrote while living in Denver:

Sky edge … mountain peaks …
A sea of city lights illumines night time in the minds of men.
Awaken … still news of joyous quiet …
Fill full the day.

and something recent:

and calmer weather patterns
aRe >quite -thE moons- to shoot for …
I feel my aim is VERY accurate …
It-s just thE distance I need help with.

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