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Linda Ohlson Graham is a fine photographer and ecstatic poet who has sailed
thousands of miles … including the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central and South America.
She also lived in (1984-93) and co-directed (1984-96) the J.M.W. Turner Museum in Denver, CO.
Her photography and spiritual writing portray the richness of her life's experience.

'She expresses a profound interpretation of Linda life as a magical, Spiritual journey and inspires us to stop, take in the view, and savor a deep cleansing breath.'

From the article:
The Earth Ocean and Heavens
of Linda Ohlson Graham

in Provincetown ARTS

Initially ... Linda gives deepest thanks and humbly acknowledges the Divine Source that has inspired her writing and photography … and what she feels could be a 'Guidebook to Humanity to enter "The New Age"'.
"The New Age" has been talked about since the -Dawning of thE 'Age of Aquarius'- in the 60's.

11-18-15: Just to note: in much of Linda's -Writings- -Poetry- ... the word Spiritual is capitalized. Edits will be made to her websites very soon.

Heartfelt ~gratitude~ to:
Isis: You are ~the 'brightest of brilliant facets'~ of the diamond of my life. ...
Douglass: There is ever growing appreciation within me for being in the presence of your ... and JMW Turner's genius.
Joseph (d) : Thank you for sharing laughter ... JOY ... sailing ... the wind on my face on vast oceans, and ... ~peoples of the World~ with me.

+ ...

Linda expresses phenomenal gratitude (beyond description: TY TY TY TY TY etc.) to -Prince- John Bilicki of JAB Creations for his uplifting friendship these past several years ... for helping her to create this web-site! from a -page- she had in a website gallery ... and for every iota of help he continues to give her!

Linda is available to share her (and God's) -Vision- for PEACE.
Please email her @

Meditation, Unity Church, A Course in Miracles, The Urantia Book, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism ... and the Buddhism of Nicherin Daishonin have been gifts to Linda's Life ... and also foundation-stones. Gratitude for the many Spiritual paths that lead people to -peace in their Minds and Hearts- fills her.


To note: Because there are different mindsets re: whether Global Warming actually exists ...
Linda has started using the phrase 'calm our Earth's weather patterns' rather than 'end Global Warming'.

There may still be just a few titles of talks Linda has given and exhibits she has had that do still incorporate the phrase 'End Global Warming'.

Linda invites ALL of Humanity to quiet their Minds when they can ...
... even if only for a few minutes daily ...
and to intentionally imagine themselves linking with others
who also have thE desire to create Creation wide peace.

Please feel welcome to forward Linda's web addresses globally ...
perhaps even with a request that -they- be 're-forwarded' ~ad infinitum~.
Thank you ... .


Linda Ohlson Graham

Greetings ...

'Hello ... I'm a traveler and a Peace Poet.* ALL of Humanity is invited to join me in creating a quiet and peaceful experience for thE -entirety of Creation-. ❤

Please ... share *Earth Ocean Heavens ... a mini guide book to aide Humanity in entering "The New Age"** globally ... and envision all of us collectively entering a truly peaceful next thousand year cycle ... by enough of us intentionally quieting our thinking Mind(s) for just a few minutes daily.' ...

Thank you for considering this 'just above' concept. Linda believes ... with ALL of her Heart ... that -Peace- could be actualized ... honestly, quite simply, by 'a few moments of a -collective intention re: Silencing thought-'.

** The above link is viewable by people with Google Drive.

Also ... Linda apologizes the link*** on the -Exhibits- page of this website ... and the links*** on her 2nd website: are not -live-. She needs her webmaster's help to update/edit ***them.

Linda has a desire to put her (mentioned above) recently self-published book into print.
She thanks anyone who feels there is potential for actualizing Global Peace and calmer weather patterns: via the suggestions presented within her -Writings- -Poetry- and invites them to support the book's printing if they are so inclined. Please feel welcome to contribute to putting @ *Earth Ocean Heavens ... a mini guide book to aide Humanity in entering "The New Age" in print by sending a donation of -any- size to PO # 1886 Provincetown, MA 02657. tytyty ❤

At 4am on the morning of September 12th, 2001, after seeing on TV (the day before) the second plane come around the back of and explode into the World Trade Center building, Linda created a new piece of art in a 30" by 40" frame.   Later on the 12th, Linda asked permission to remove several photographs and a 20" by 24" piece of art with writing that were on exhibit in a long hallway leading from the parking lot into the Cape Cod 5 Bank in Orleans, MA and replace them with this 'new' piece of 'writing'.

The new piece of art shared two thoughts:

One is a question Linda wrote ... to begin a Provincetown Poetry Festival 'master class' writing exercise:
'Has thE time arrived
when Humanity is able to digest the phenomenal REALity of just how simple it could be to shift the Earth's vibration?'

Linda Ohlson Graham

The other shares about the French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin who created the word 'noosphere' to describe the layer of thought that hovers above nature and acts as a universal consciousness . . . a 'thinking envelope' that our thoughts go up to and then are reflected back. ...
  Linda's philosophy is that if Humanity . . . consciously … with intention, either individually or collectively, could quiet our thinking mind(s) for just a few minutes daily ... what would be reflected back would be more peaceful, more calm, more loving.

Included in this piece of art …
Incrementally I believe this is a 'Formula for Global PEACE' ... and a way (perhaps THE WAY) to calm our Earth's weather patterns.**

Award-winning photographer-poet Linda Ohlson Graham shares some of her -c- EARTH OCEAN HEAVENS -Writings- and -Poetry- on Vimeo.

Events Linda has been involved with are now viewable via the above Events tab.

Linda is VERY proud that this article: Writing about a Provincetown Artist by fellow National League of American Pen Women member: Christie Palmer Lowrance evolved. 'TY sOOO much Christie' ...

Chris Busa, longtime friend ... publisher of Provincetown ARTS and host of WOMR's radio show: ART TALK invited Linda to be his guest. It's audible @ podcast">">podcast.

It was a joy for Linda to discover that the Provincetown Public Library website had a page that highlighted one of her well known -sky photos-.

A beautiful article was written for the Cape Codder newspaper by Nicola Frances-Burnell about Linda's photography: Reflections of -light- from Linda Ohlson Graham. Just to not: the link -in error- says 'for Provincetown Magazine'.

If you feel thE message of Linda'a (and God's) Writings and Poetry has thE potential of -> contributing to an overALL quieter and more peaceful -EARTH- experience: please ~~feel welcome to forward Linda's web links** ... ... ... and her 'Vimeo' video ~link~: globally~~ ... with a request that those receiving **the message then send it back out globally ad infinitum ... :

Linda Ohlson Graham Linda Ohlson Graham
Linda Ohlson Graham Linda Ohlson Graham
Linda Ohlson Graham Linda Ohlson Graham
Linda Ohlson Graham Linda Ohlson Graham
Linda Ohlson Graham Linda Ohlson Graham


Linda Ohlson Graham
PO # 1886
Provincetown, MA 02657

Donations of ANY size to either/both contribute to putting Linda's recently self-published book into print
and/or support Linda's pursuit of contributing to ...

perhaps   bEing   THE CATALYST OF  )

GLOBAL   PEACE   and ... -calming our Earth's weather patterns-
would be deeply and lovingly accepted and appreciated.

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